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Infrastructure Initiative:
Udyam believes that Teaching and Learning is a process of Joy. One of the key initiatives of Udyam Public Charitable Trust is to identify the needs of the institution, and on priority basis, setup suitable infrastructure to enable joy to both the teachers and students. An institution is as good as the facilities it provides. Our aim is to help setup learning labs, invest in interactive teaching methods, science laboratories, humanities laboratories etc. Our aim is also to improve the library facilities with a special focus on creating a digital library.

The School and college buildings need repairs and maintenance frequently. Udyam, to the best of its abilities shall undertake the repairs and maintenance, such that students and staff can work in a clean and hygienic environment.

There are hundreds of medium to large companies, including Multi National Corporations, which have exciting products and deals for the education sector. Many of these companies also donate or give away their equipment, software and products to educational sector. Udyam plans to tap the Alumni resources that can coordinate such efforts with these companies.

To drive this initiative, Udyam needs volunteers who can coordinate different aspects of Infrastructure initiatives and track efficacy of such programs and also to come up with new proposals for infrastructure development.

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