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Teacher Initiatives
Udyam Public Charitable Trust believes in "Train the Trainers" Philosophy. Udyam plans to conduct frequent training sessions, seminars and conferences where teachers are encouraged to participate and learn new concepts in teaching the students. Udyam shall facilitate experts in teaching methodologies to conduct workshops for the teachers in several subjects. With this initiative, teachers hopefully will improve their own skills in teaching and handling students.

Current and old teachers of the institution will be involved in conducting coaching classes and revision classes for 10th Standard students. Teachers involved in this initiative will be suitably compensated. With this, students who cannot otherwise afford tuitions outside of school will immensely benefit and thus the quality of students passing out will positively increase.

An incentive program for the teachers will be introduced. Hard work, dedication and love for teaching and students will be aptly rewarded. There are several suggestions that have come forth and beginning academic year 2011-2012, suitable plan will be implemented.

To drive this initiative, Udyam needs volunteers who can coordinate different aspects of Teachers’ initiatives and track efficacy of such programs and also to come up with new ways of improving teachers’ performance.

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