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Student Initiatives
Plans are also afoot to facilitate children to visit museums, factories, software companies and other places of interest regularly. This will provide them with an insight into how institutions work and this will help them set their sights on the future.

Udyam plans to bring in experts to conduct workshops and camps to inculcate children to work as good team members. Although it is important to create leaders, there has to be followers too! Udyam believes that team members are as important as the leaders themselves. A right environment shall be created to train both leaders and team members.

Udyam believes in the idea that health of a student is as important as the education itself. To bring about health consciousness and a healthy attitude, Udyam plans to bring specialist Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists, Dentists, General Physicians and other specialist doctors for free medical checkup for ALL students of NHS. Where required and feasible, further medical assistance shall be provided for the students. Many of our alumni are world class doctors and are willing to come to the institution and assist Udyam in this initiative.

To drive this initiative, Udyam needs volunteers who can coordinate different aspects of student initiatives and track efficacy of such programs and also to come up with new ways of interactions!

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