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About Udyam
Udyam is a Public Charitable Trust founded in 2011 by the alumni of National High School and National College, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, India. Its purpose is to identify and mentor underprivileged and deserving students from 10th Standard from The National High School and other schools, help them in furthering their education. Additionally, Udyam wants to improve the skills of the teachers, as well as provide state of the art tools and technologies in the larger interest of improving the school and college infrastructure. Udyam is a registered Public Charitable Trust and not-for-profit organization. All contributions and donations are exempt under 80G of the income tax act (Application under process). Also under process is the application for Foreign Currency Regulatory Act. Once these applications are favorably cleared, Udyam can start accepting donations from Foreign country residents and institutions.

Udyam in Sanskrit means 'Industriousness', and the Trust's mission is to foster a generation of students who will go ahead and add value to their profession, to society and to themselves.

The preliminary selection process of students shall be made by the school itself, and the final set of students will be chosen by the Trust. The main criteria for selection would be the students' passion- in tune with
Udyam's ideals- motivation, merit and means. The Trust will support these Udyam Scholars with fees and text books all through their higher education, until they graduate from a professional course or up to Master's Level if it is pure sciences, commerce, economics or fine arts.

Udyam Scholars can pursue education in the field of their choice- from Law, Engineering, Medicine, Pure Sciences, teaching to Finance et al. The only requirement will be that each of the scholars has to meet certain minimum academic and social standards. Udyam Scholarship ensures that each student will be attached to a mentor. For example, if a student is passionate about becoming a Pediatrician, Udyam will identify a specialist pediatrician within or outside the Trust who will guide the student all the way through to graduation. Udyam Mentoring will thus help Udyam Scholars excel in their chosen careers along with fostering in them a sense of social responsibility.
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